Do not sit around and wait for a great business opportunity. We know the business and offer assistance in the possibility to explore new trade in major international fairs presented in China and the US. We have qualified available personnel ready to assist in the paperwork for travel, accommodation, translators, city guide, plus commercial support to ensure your trip is a worthwhile investment.


There are many factors that influence an international agreement; we refer not only to prices, also to the cultural aspects involved and the time of year, among others. Because of this, Importadora Sky, we have staff knowledgeable about the different regional customs with perfect command of Spanish, English and Mandarin. No matter where you conduct business, we rely on the ease of moving to any city in China and North America, ensuring not only the best service, too, the best prices with distributors.


No matter what type of item or merchandise you want to purchase, there will always be variations in the quality and suppliers. At Importadora Sky, we know the importance of this so we take every measure to ensure you have the latest updates on distributors and suppliers. We offer the best quality and customer service. Some of the items we review:

-Checking the legal existence of the supplier

– Review of Infrastructure and workers Manufacturer

– Photographic record of installations

– List of clients the provider handle

– Commercial references Manufacturer


At Importadora Sky we care about the quality in service we provide. This is why we do everything to make things go smooth in the process. Thanks to our service and quality control, where staff of the company is responsible for constantly reviewing the production line items , assembly , inspection of materials, control documentation , testing with employees, management and proper packaging of goods.

We do everything to ensure our customers merchandise import to South America has no drawbacks and or delays.


With our experience in importing Merchandise the Customs process runs smooth, we have the knowledge and information on regulations to pass your merchandise quick and stress free. We know time is important for any business needs. This is why we offer air shipments. We take care of the airline, find the best shipping rates and study the merchandise to accommodate your items efficiently saving costs.

We offer a variety in packaging, either boxes or crates and perform inspection of these to ensure that your goods arrive in the best way to South America.

When the quantity of items you want to import quota exceeds air, we offer the possibility of maritime shipments where we will make the reservation with the shipping, errands to import documents, inland freight, in addition to the inspection of the container. It does not matter if you have several suppliers in different cities; we take care of organizing it.






It is said that trade changes the fate of the world, we are aware of this , therefore, we created Importadora Sky, a company dedicated to facilitating the exchange of goods between Asia, North America and South America, knowing beforehand what’s behind each transaction, there isn’t only trade, there is also a cultural exchange.


We know that time is money and because of this, Importadora Sky, specializes in importing your merchandise at the right time. Our desire is to enable you to access your articles in the shortest time possible and with the best deals. To ensure this we have qualified personnel to facilitate the passage of goods to South America.


Thanks to the dedication at Importadora Sky, we are in a position with excellent performance and qualified personnel with perfect multi language of English, Mandarin, Spanish, experienced in the purchase and import of electronics, hardware, home, toys, food, raw materials and intermediate goods for industry personnel, building materials, chemical inputs, supplies and medical products as well as products for general consumption.



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